After Sales Agreement

Based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, sincere cooperation and common development, in order to better serve the users, after friendly consultation and in the spirit of mutual trust and sincere cooperation, we have reached an agreement that both sides will abide by.

A、Arrival of goods for damage:

If the customer receives the product and finds that the product is damaged or faulty, please feedback to our company within 7 working days, after we receive and confirm it, we will fully refund; more than 7 working days is not regarded as the arrival of the goods that damage the category, according to the normal quality issues after-sales treatment. The time is calculated from 7 working days after the actual logistics information is delivered.

B、Quality issues:

  1. Within 7 working days of the delivery of logistics information, arising from product quality problems, after our company receives confirmation of error, the full refund, and bear the corresponding full logistics costs.
  2. More than 7 working days, within 6 months, due to product quality problems, our company will provide free parts and free repair, both sides each bear their own part of the logistics costs.
  3. More than 6 months, within the 1-year warranty period (6 months warranty for battery, motor, charger, controller and meter. Other parts are guaranteed for 1-year.) arising from product quality problems, our company provides free parts and free repair, the customer needs to bear all logistics costs.
  4. Beyond the 1 year warranty period, we offer a lifetime of paid maintenance and after-sales service, while the customer needs to pay for the corresponding spare parts and logistics costs.

C、Non-quality issues

If a fault is not due to a quality problem, even within the warranty period, we are only responsible for providing after-sales service, but not for any related costs.

  1. a) Failures caused by various kinds of water ingress, such as damage to the battery, damage to the meter, damage to the connection cable connector, etc. caused by prolonged use in the rain or immersion in water.
  2. b) Failures caused by, for example, weight overload drives, long climbs or long periods of driving on bumpy roads.
  3. c) If the user does not strictly follow the instructions in the user manual for use, maintenance and servicing, etc.
  4. d) If the user modifies or adds the appearance and functions of the product without confirmation of authorization from our company, this may lead to failure.
  5. e) Failure caused by accidental damage caused by the user storing or using it in an incorrect environment, etc.
  6. f) If the invoice, warranty card, model and serial number do not match or have been changed.
  7. g) The warranty does not apply in the case of accidents that do not comply with local laws and regulations.

D、Return method

         The specific return process should be handled according to the RMA return logistics method specified by our company; if the customer uses other logistics methods to handle the return, our company will not bear any responsibility and related costs.